Blue VS. Red

Once again, thank you so much for being so patience!

Here’s our 2 pretty goodies that are extremely hard to find now!~

First up, is the Blue Thalassa Kelly 28 in SWIFT.

The blue is so pretty in real life that you won’t wanna miss it!

Swift is smooth, soft and velvety (which gives a classy look!), and it shows the deep rich of ‘BLUE THALASSA’!

It’s light weighted in comparision to Togo or Clemence and does well aging.

Blue Thalassa Kelly 28 Swift PHW (O Stamp)

Price: SGD 14,500

Next up, is the Lindy Bag! Not to mention, this is our first Lindy Bag we purchased!

Lindy is gaining popularity now, which makes it hard to get it, especially in such pretty colour!

The Hermes Lindy is a super functional bag, with double sided compartments.

It’s perfectly for daily usage or even travel!

Is an investment piece that you should own!

So, dont miss out on our Lindy 34 Bougainvillea (Clemence) PHW!

We heard that Bougainvillea had discontinue.

So, if you are looking for something in Bougainvillea, you shouldn’t miss out on this one!

Price: SGD 10,500

Hurry up and contact us now to make it yours!! For faster response, please email us at or simply sms us via +65 90997607.

Merci Beaucoup!!